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125W Salad Showcase


MARCHEF salad showcase keeps food fresh and ready to eat, and is also suitable for other foods.


Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 125W
Temperature +2℃ ~+12℃
Pan Size 4pcs*1/3GN
Dimension 1200*395*435mm
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125W Salad Showcase is a type of commercial refrigeration unit designed specifically for displaying and storing salads in a food service or retail environment. It typically features a glass front and adjustable shelves for easy visibility and organization of the salads. The 125W refers to the unit’s power consumption, which is 125 watts.

These showcases are often used in restaurants, cafes, delis, and supermarkets where fresh salads are prepared and sold. They are designed to maintain a consistent temperature, typically between 2°C to 8°C, to keep the salads fresh and prevent spoilage.

When choosing a salad showcase, it is important to consider the size of the unit, the number of shelves, and the type of refrigeration system used. Some models feature a self-contained refrigeration system, while others require remote refrigeration. Other factors to consider include energy efficiency, durability, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

MARCHEF salad showcase keeps food pre-cooled through low temperatures and uses stainless steel construction to ensure long-lasting durability. It keeps food fresh and ready to eat, and is also suitable for other foods.


★Stainless steel construction

★Independent cooling system provides reliable and uniform cooling throughout the unit

Electronic thermostat for temperature adjustment at +2°C ~ +12°C

Refrigerant : R134a

125W Salad Showcase FAQ

Q: What is the size of a typical 125W Salad Showcase?

A: The size of a  Salad Showcase can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. However, most units are designed to fit on a countertop and range in size from 600mm to 900mm in length, 700mm to 900mm in height, and 400mm to 600mm in depth.

Q: How many shelves does a 125W Salad Showcase typically have?

A: The number of shelves in a  Salad Showcase can vary depending on the size of the unit and the manufacturer. However, most models come with 2 to 4 adjustable shelves, which can be rearranged to accommodate different sizes and types of salads.

Q: What type of refrigeration system does a 125W Salad Showcase use?

A: 125W Salad Showcases typically use a forced air refrigeration system that circulates cold air around the unit to maintain a consistent temperature. Some models may also feature a fan-assisted cooling system, which helps to distribute the cold air more evenly throughout the unit.

Q: Can a 125W Salad Showcase be used to store other types of food besides salads?

A: While Salad Showcases are designed specifically for storing and displaying salads, they can also be used to store other types of food, such as sandwiches, wraps, and desserts. However, it is important to ensure that the temperature settings are appropriate for the type of food being stored.

Q: What are some maintenance tips for a 125W Salad Showcase?

A: To keep your Salad Showcase in good working order, it is important to clean it regularly and perform routine maintenance. This includes wiping down the interior and exterior surfaces with a mild detergent and water, checking the temperature settings and adjusting them as needed, and inspecting the refrigeration system for any signs of damage or wear. It is also a good idea to have the unit serviced by a professional technician at least once a year to ensure that it is functioning properly.

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