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18Lx3 Juice Dispenser


MARCHEF juice dispenser is perfect for iced tea, lemonade or other cold beverages.


Voltage 220V-240V/50Hz
Power 350W
Capacity 18Lx3
Cold Beverage Temperature 7-12℃
Dimension 710*445*700mm
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18Lx3 juice dispenser is a machine that dispenses juice in a controlled manner. The “18Lx3” designation typically refers to the capacity of the juice dispenser. Specifically, “18L” means that the dispenser can hold up to 18 liters of juice at a time, and “x3” indicates that there are three separate containers, each with a capacity of 18 liters.

Therefore, an “18Lx3 juice dispenser” is a machine that has three separate containers, each capable of holding up to 18 liters of juice, and can dispense the juice in a controlled manner. These types of juice dispensers are commonly used in restaurants, cafes, and other foodservice establishments to provide customers with a variety of juice options.

MARCHEF juice dispenser will not only quench the thirst of your guests, but it will also enhance the beverage service at your concession stand, buffet or cafeteria! This beverage dispenser is perfect for iced tea, lemonade or other cold beverages. Sure to boost beverage sales and increase customer thirst by showcasing the refreshing beverages inside.


★High-quality condenser, fast heat dissipation and long life

★Food grade blender rotates 360 degrees for fast mixing

★PC material cylinder material, safe and reliable

★Mixing Type

★Cooling System: Air

18Lx3 Juice Dispenser FAQ

Q:What types of juice can be dispensed from an 18Lx3 juice dispenser?

A:An juice dispenser can dispense any type of juice, including fruit juice, vegetable juice, and even cold-pressed juice. However, it’s important to make sure that the juice is prepared and stored properly to ensure food safety.

Q:How do you clean an 18Lx3 juice dispenser?

A:To clean an juice dispenser, first empty the containers and rinse them with warm water. Next, use a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer and a soft cloth to wipe down the dispenser, paying special attention to the nozzles and other areas that come into contact with the juice. Rinse the dispenser thoroughly with warm water and allow it to air dry.

Q:Can the temperature of the juice be controlled in an 18Lx3 juice dispenser?

A:Yes, many juice dispensers come with temperature control settings that allow you to adjust the temperature of the juice to your desired level. This is especially important for maintaining the quality and freshness of the juice.

Q:How often should the juice in an 18Lx3 juice dispenser be replaced?

A:It’s important to replace the juice in an juice dispenser on a regular basis to ensure freshness and food safety. The frequency of replacement will depend on factors such as the type of juice, the temperature of the dispenser, and the level of usage. It’s recommended to check the juice regularly and replace it at least every 24-48 hours.

Q:Can an juice dispenser be used for both hot and cold beverages?

A:No, an juice dispenser is typically designed for cold beverages only. If you need to dispense hot beverages, such as coffee or tea, you should look for a dispenser specifically designed for hot beverages.

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