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58L Cold Show Case-1
58L Cold Show Case-1

58L Cold Show Case


MARCHEF cold show case is designed with stainless steel to ensure it can withstand heavy and regular use.


Power 190 W
Temp. Range 0-12℃
Frigerant 58L
Refrigerant R134a & R404a
Dimension 452*406*816mm
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58L Cold Show Case is a refrigerated display case. Designed for displaying and storing refrigerated foods. The unit typically has a glass front and sides to allow customers to easily view the products inside. The refrigeration system maintains a consistent temperature inside the cabinet. Helps maintain food quality and freshness.
The 58L size is relatively small. Ideal for businesses with limited space, such as small cafes, and food trucks. Despite its compact size, the freezer can hold quite a lot of food. Such as sandwiches, salads, pastries and other cold dishes.



  1. Adjustable temperature control: You can set and maintain the desired temperature . To suit the particular food being store.
  2. Interior lighting: This illuminates the food in the cabinet. Make them more visible and attractive to customers.
  3. Removable shelves: These can be easily adjusted or removed. to accommodate foods of different sizes.
  4. Locking doors: This adds an extra layer of security to the cabinets. and prevent unauthorized access to food inside.
  5. Energy-efficient design: This helps to reduce electricity costs and environmental impact.
Overall, the freezer is a useful and attractive cold storage tool. If you want to display and store food in a compact and efficient way.

58L Cold Show Case FAQ:

Q: What types of food items can be store in a 58L cold show case?
A: Freezers can be use to store a variety of cold foods. such as sandwiches, salads, pastries, desserts and other prepackaged foods.
Q: How often should a cold show case be clean?
A: It is recommend to clean the freezer every day to prevent the growth of bacteria. And make sure food stays fresh and safe to eat.
Q: Can a 58L cold show case be use outdoors?
A: No, a  cold show case is design for indoor use only and should not be expose to direct sunlight or rain.
Q: Can a 58L cold show case be customize with branding or logos?
A: Yes, many manufacturers offer options to customize the look of your cold display case with branding or logos. So to match the brand of the enterprise.
Q: How much electricity does a 58L cold show case consume?
A: The power consumption of refrigerators varies. It will vary based on factors such as ambient temperature, number of door openings and unit efficiency. However, most models are design to be energy-efficient and have low running costs.
Q: Can a 58L cold show case be move easily?
A: Yes, a  cold show case is typically designed to be portable and can be move easily on casters or wheels. However, care should be take when moving the device. Do not damage the cooling system or glass panels.

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