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910L Refrigerator


MARCHEF refrigerator is designed with stainless steel to ensure it can withstand heavy and regular use.


Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 700W
Capacity 910L
Temperature 0℃ ~+10℃
Dimension 1220*730*1970mm
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910L refrigerator is a large commercial refrigeration unit that is designed for storing and preserving a large quantity of food items. It has a capacity of 910 liters, which is equivalent to approximately 32.1 cubic feet, and typically features multiple compartments and shelves to organize different types of food.

These refrigerators are commonly used in restaurants, hotels, and other commercial kitchens where a high volume of food needs to be stored and kept at a consistent, cool temperature. They may come in different styles, such as reach-in or walk-in, and may have different features depending on the specific needs of the business.

Some common features of 910L refrigerators include digital temperature control, adjustable shelves, self-closing doors, and built-in lighting. They are typically powered by electricity and may have different levels of energy efficiency depending on the model.

When purchasing a 910L refrigerator, it is important to consider factors such as the available space in your commercial kitchen, the amount and type of food you need to store, and any specific features or functions that you require. It is also important to choose a reputable brand and model that is designed for commercial use and built to last. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are also important to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the refrigerator.

MARCHEF refrigerator is designed with stainless steel to ensure it can withstand heavy and regular use. With the ability to refrigerate food in close proximity, your staff can work efficiently on food preparation tasks. Not only is it perfect for quick and neat storage of essential refrigerated goods, but it is a must for any busy kitchen.


★Stainless Steel 201

★High density insulation body

★Smart automatic defrosting

★Interior body with round corner, easy to clean

★Self-closing door with magnetic gaskets

★Adjustable shelving design

Refrigerant : R134a

910L Refrigerator FAQ

Q: How much does a 910L refrigerator typically cost?

A: The cost of a refrigerator can vary depending on the specific brand, model, and features. Typically, these refrigerators can range from $1,500 to $4,000 or more.

Q: What temperature should a 910L refrigerator be set at?

A: The temperature at which a 910L refrigerator should be set can vary depending on the specific model and the type of food being stored. However, the generally recommended temperature range for commercial refrigerators is between 0-5°C (32-41°F).

Q: How often should a 910L refrigerator be serviced?

A: It is recommended to have a 910L refrigerator serviced at least once a year by a qualified technician. However, if the refrigerator is heavily used, it may need to be serviced more frequently to ensure optimal performance and to catch any potential issues early on.

Q: Can a 910L refrigerator be used to store frozen food?

A: No, a 910L refrigerator is not designed for storing frozen food. It is designed for storing and preserving fresh food at a cool temperature, typically between 0-5°C (32-41°F). If you need to store frozen food, you will need to use a freezer or a refrigerator with a freezer compartment.

Q: How do I clean a 910L refrigerator?

A: To clean a 910L refrigerator, start by unplugging it and removing all the food items. Then, use a food-safe cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe down all the surfaces, including the shelves, walls, and door seals. Be sure to also clean the condenser coils and fan to ensure proper airflow. Finally, sanitize the interior with a solution of water and bleach, and allow the refrigerator to dry completely before plugging it back in and restocking it with food.

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