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98L Cold Show Case-1
98L Cold Show Case-1

98L Cold Show Case


MARCHEF cold show case is designed with stainless steel to ensure it can withstand heavy and regular use.


Power 210 W
Capacity 98L
Frigerant R134a/R600a
Type Of Climate 4
Dimension 452*406*1116mm
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The 98L freezer is a refrigerated display cabinet. Commonly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, deli and other commercial places. For displaying refrigerated food and beverages.
The 98L capacity refers to the amount of storage space available in the cold showcase. Please pay attention. Actual capacity may vary depending on device design and size.
Freezers use a refrigeration system. The temperature inside the freezer remains consistent and cool. Usually between 0-5 degrees Celsius. This ensures that perishable items remain fresh and safe for consumption.
Display cases are usually made of glass or clear plastic panels. Allow customers to view products inside without opening the door. This helps reduce the amount of cold air that escapes. It also keeps the internal temperature consistent.
Other features that a 98L freezer may include include adjustable shelving. Interior lighting and automatic defrost system to prevent freezing. Some models have a digital display to show temperature and other information.
When choosing a 98L freezer, we have important factors to consider. Energy efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance. It is also essential to choose a model that is appropriately sized for your business needs and space.
MARCHEF freezers are a must-have for bakeries, coffee shops and convenience stores. It not only saves space, but also shows better to customers.


  1. Temperature: 0-12°C
  2. Colors: White, Black
  3. Top LED lights
  4. digital controller
  5. 4 layers of durable PVC paint
  6. double glazed
  7. Glass outer tube for condensation removal

98L Cold Show Case FAQ

Q: What is the storage capacity of a 98L cold show case?
A: As the name suggests, a 98L cold show case has a storage capacity of approximately 98 liters. However, this can vary depending on the design and dimensions of the specific unit.
Q: What types of food items can be store in a 98L cold show case?
A: Cold display cases are generally design to store and display refrigerated or frozen foods. Examples include dairy products, meat, fish, frozen meals, ice cream, and beverages.
Q: What are the energy consumption and running costs of a 98L cold show case?
A: Freezers vary in energy consumption and operating costs. Will vary based on factors such as device efficiency class, temperature settings, and usage patterns. However, in general, refrigerated display cases can be significant consumers of energy. Businesses should consider energy saving patterns and usage practices. to minimize operating costs.
Q: What are the maintenance requirements for a 98L cold show case?
A: Freezers usually require regular maintenance and cleaning. To ensure optimum performance and longevity. This may include cleaning interior and exterior surfaces, changing air filters. And checking and adjusting temperature settings. As well as tasks such as inspecting and repairing any damaged parts.
Q: What are the installation requirements for a 98L cold show case?
A: Freezer installation requirements vary by specific model and installation location. In general, however, it’s important to make sure the device is place on a level, stable surface. Properly grounded and located in a well-ventilated location. and can be connect to power and water areas. It is also important to follow all manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines during installation.

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