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Induction Cooker:

Induction Cooker: Help You Cooking More Efficiently

What Is Induction Cooker?

An induction cooker is an electrical oven that uses magnetic fields to heat pots and pans directly. It is different from a conventional electric stove or cooktop, in that the heat source does not need to be in contact with the pan: instead, the magnetic field passes through the pan, heating it directly. Because of this ability to cook directly on the surface of a pot or pan, induction cooking has several advantages over conventional cooking methods.

Because induction cooking heats pots and pans directly, it requires less energy than other methods such as boiling water on a stovetop. This means that induction cooking is much more efficient than other methods of cooking (and therefore can save you money). In addition, induction cooking produces very little heat outside of the cooking vessel; this means that there is no risk of burning your hands on an induction stove top or getting splattered with boiling water while stirring something on a stovetop.

Common Types of Induction Cooker:

Since the first Induction Cooker came out to the present, there have been many types of Induction Cookers. Here, we divide it into the following two types according to the surface of the Induction Cooker:

Flat Surface Induction Cooker:

This type of induction cooker comes with one flat surface with no curves or grooves on it at all. The flat surface is made out of stainless steel which helps conduct heat quickly without any problems whatsoever. The good thing about these types of induction cookers is that they can be used for pan searing, deep frying and other cooking activities as well without any problem at all.

Concave surface Induction Cooker:

This type of induction cooker has a flat bottom with a depression in the centre of the pan. The depression is where you place your pot or pan, and the heat will come up through the depression to cook your food. This type of induction cooker is great for making sauces because you can easily tilt your pan around and stir without worrying about burning yourself on hot spots or having to move pots away from the heat source when you need to stir.

What Can You Do With An Induction Cooker:

Induction cookers are becoming increasingly popular in commercial kitchens because of their ability to provide high-quality results in a shorter time than traditional cooking methods. Induction cookers also offer additional benefits that can be used to improve your business and reduce costs. The most common uses for induction cookers are:


Induction cookers heat up quickly and evenly, making them ideal for frying chicken or crispy bacon. You can also use them to fry fish or other seafood. You can even bake on an induction cooker!


Baking on an induction cooker is similar to baking in a conventional oven, but because the heat comes from within rather than above the food, it cooks more evenly and quickly. This means that you don’t need to preheat your oven before putting food in there like you would with conventional baking methods. It also means that there’s no need to turn off your oven when you’re baking because it will continue to cook as long as it has power (unlike traditional ovens).

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