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Rice Cooker:

Rice Cooker: Good Rice Producer

What Is Rice Cooker?

A Rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that is used to prepare rice. It combines the functions of a steamer and a boiling pot. It automatically monitors the temperature of the water, heat and pressure to cook rice with perfect consistency every time. Rice cookers come in different sizes and shapes, but they all have two basic parts: a pot and a heating element. It is designed to cook rice, but it can also be used for different types of grains, lentils, beans and soups.

Rice cookers are becoming increasingly popular in many countries including the United States and Japan. In these countries, it is often seen as an essential part of any kitchen appliance collection.

Which Cooker Is Best For Rice?

Cooking Time:

The cooking time depends on the type of rice and the number of cups you are going to cook. The recommended cooking time for white rice is 15 minutes while brown rice requires 50 minutes. But in a large capacity rice cooker, it will take a little longer. MARCHEF’s large-capacity rice cooker usually takes 40-55 minutes to make a delicious meal.

Maintain Temperature:

A good rice cooker will maintain its temperature throughout the cooking process. It’s important that your rice doesn’t burn or undercook due to fluctuating temperatures. The best machines will stay at the right temperature even when they’re not being used, which means that they’re less likely to lose power during cooking time. The MARCHEF rice cooker allows you to keep large quantities of ready-made rice at the ideal serving temperature for up to 12 hours. It’s ideal for any busy commercial kitchen.

Temperature Control:

Does the cooker maintain a constant water temperature during cooking? Some have temperature controls that allow you to adjust the temperature for different types of rice. This is especially important if you like cooking with brown or wild rice and other grains besides white long-grain rice.MARCHEF keeps the rice at a constant temperature of 65° for up to 12 hours. This temperature control keeps the rice fresh for a long time.

Rice Cooker Capacity:

It is important to consider the capacity of the rice cooker. For restaurateurs, having a rice cooker of the right capacity can make the job easier. MARCHEF has two capacity rice cookers for you to choose from 10 litres and 23 litres. Both rice cookers are perfect for those busy kitchens to prepare meals.

Material Of The Pot:

The material of the pot is important because it affects how well you can clean up after cooking. If you don’t like having sticky messes around your kitchen, then choose stainless steel or non-stick coated pots for easy cleaning. MARCHEF’s rice cookers are aluminium with a non-stick coating that makes cleaning a breeze.

Application Scenarios Of The Rice Cooker:

The most common application scenario of Rice Cookers is Chinese restaurants. It is usually used to make fried rice dishes or boiled rice dishes. It can also be used to make soup dishes such as congee and hot pot dishes such as hot pot meatballs and so on. Mostly, it can also be used in Indian restaurants to cook various types of rice dishes such as biryani, pulao and other dishes.

In hospitals, schools and other institutions where food safety is required, the use of a special type of rice cooker with high-temperature resistance makes it possible for users to cook food in accordance with health standards without worrying about toxic substances being released into food during cooking processes.

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