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What is Griddle&Grill?

  • A griddle is a flat, heated surface for cooking food. It is usually made of cast iron, stainless steel or aluminium. Griddles are typically made of metal, but there are also other types such as glass or stone. The term “griddle” is also used to refer to a flat pan that can fry food as well as bake it. A griddle can be used to cook pancakes and waffles, grilled sandwiches, eggs and bacon.
  • A grill is a cooking appliance composed of a heating element and an open mesh grid in which the food is placed to cook by direct contact with the heat source. Grilling was invented in the U.S., but it has since spread across the globe. It has become popular because it allows people to cook for large numbers of people at one time, which is why it’s often used at picnics and backyard barbecues.

Models Of Griddle&Grill:

Features of the Electric Griddle:

It has a large cooking surface that allows you to cook larger meals at once. You can grill meat, fish or vegetables on it at once without using extra pans or pots. It has an adjustable temperature control knob so that you can change the temperature according to what you want to cook. It comes with non-stick coating which makes it easy to clean after use.

Features of the Gas Griddle:

It has an easy-to-use ignition system which allows you to start cooking almost immediately after turning on your gas stovetop burner or lighting a match in case of a gas grill type model (please refer to instruction manual). The high heat from below makes sure that your food retains its natural juices while being cooked evenly from all sides at once as well as on top by melting cheese.

Features of the Panini Grill:

A panini grill is a kitchen appliance that cooks panini sandwiches and other flatbreads. The device has two heated surfaces that sandwich the food, pressing it down and heating it from both sides. The sandwich is cooked in this way until the cheese melts and the bread is toasted to perfection.

Features of the Gas BBQ Grill:

The Gas BBQ Grill is the perfect addition to any food service operation. It features a double walled cooking chamber that allows for even heat distribution as well as a built-in thermometer for monitoring temperature at all times. This grill also has an adjustable flame control valve for controlling heat output. A large grease pan catches drippings from steaks and hamburgers for easy cleanup after use.

Features of the Shawarma Grill:
The Shawarma Grill is designed with two separate parts: the grill itself and a drip tray for catching juices. The drip tray also has a handle for easy transport from one location to another. The body of the Shawarma Grill is made from stainless steel so that it will last for years without rusting or corroding.

Application Of Griddle&Grill:


The griddle is perfect for cooking pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, sausage, bacon and more! It is also great for making grilled cheeses and French toast! The grill surface is non-stick and easy to clean. You can also use it as a countertop grill by simply flipping it over!


Grills are typically found in a backyard or on the back of an automobile. There are also portable electric or non-electric grills that can be used indoors. The grill is perfect for cooking steaks, burgers, chicken breasts, fish fillets and more! The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean after each use. You can also use the grill as a contact grill by placing it directly on top of your stove burner or range top.

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